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Introducing The Bright Room Studio Collection

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know all about it by now, but I’m still pretty excited about our new Bright Room Studio Collection! You can now purchase semi-custom designs straight from my website (Shout out to my amazing husband who built me this incredible new shop)! Each suite was designed for couples to really customize it an make it perfect for them. From the colors to the hand-lettered script options (yup, names and other script details are hand written just for each invitation!), couples get to put together the exact suite that you want. Each suite has the option of an invitation, RSVP, particulars card, weekend events card, mini card (for reception details, websites or any other bits of info), save the date and return address stamp and each are sold separately so everyone can build you perfect suite. 

I designed each suite based on some favorites of my custom designs as well as some new details that I thought would work for lots of brides and their big days.

Build your perfect suite in our shop and, as always, let me know if I can answer any questions!

Hand Lettering Workshop

I’m excited to announce a new workshop that I’ll be hosting with the Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California! Join me for a afternoon of hand lettering on Saturday November 5 from 1-4pm. We’ll be playing with pens and brushes and you’ll leave with some skills that will be perfect for creating notes, gift tags and addressing your holiday cards. You can register for the class here!

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Then stick around for Bg Craft Fest 2016, a shopping extravangaza of local handmade gift items and artisanal foods held at Bedford Gallery November 5–6. For more information and a list of this year’s vendors, visit


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Printable Holiday Gift Tags

I might be crazy, but I think wrapping gifts is my favorite part of the holidays. I love creating fun wrapping paper (did you see what I this year?) and finding the perfect accent of ribbon, twine, greenery and gift tags. But I don’t think that I should be having all the fun, so I made you guys some printable holiday gift tags.

I made them fun and playful and a little bit modern and I think they will be the perfect pop to any gift. They’ll go perfectly with any wrapping paper from traditional styles to simple kraft paper. I’m kind of a non-traditionalist when it comes to holiday colors, so I made them in black, navy and ?????? hot pink, but if you want to make them feel a little more traditional, maybe print them on red or green paper. Or, if you’re feeling extra crafty, add your own personality through paint or colored pens (don’t forgot to print them on nice thick card stock if you want to use watercolor like I did).

And don’t stop at wrapped gifts. I think the “Holiday Cheer” tag would be perfect on a wine bottle for a hostess gift or hang the “Happy Holla Days” from your stocking for a fun touch.

You can download them here:  | |

Have fun and happy holidays!


Watercolor and Brush Lettering Class

I’m so honored and excited to be teaching a course at the AH-MAZING shop, ! Seriously, guys, if you are anywhere near Alameda, California, you must check this place out for the cutest party supplies. And if you’re farther away, follow her adorable.

Anyways, I’d love to have you join us on September 27 in Alameda to learn a bit about hand lettering using paint! No experience necessary, just a willingness to ???? play around and have some fun with this medium. Visit to learn more. $85 + $13 of supplies, with plenty of goodies to take home and keep practicing. Hope to see you there!


Kale + Brussel Sprout Salad

This is one of my favorite salads…it is hearty and satisfying, making it perfect for a main course, and holds up well for a couple of days . It has veggies, sausage, cheese and and an egg on top. And I always joke that it is so crunch that you burn calories while eating it Dream Queen.

This super salad deserved an illustration so here it is! Plus the recipe* below. Enjoy!

Kale, cut in to small, bite sized pieces
Brussel Sprouts, shaved or cut in to thin pieces (or bought like that from Trader Joes ? )
Italian Sausage (I like a combo of sweet and spicy)
Pecorino cheese (parmesan also works great)
Vinaigrette: Olive Oil, lemon juice, diced shallots and dijon mustard, blended together by hand or in a small food processor
Poached egg (optional)

Toss together kale and brussel sprouts (I usually do equal parts kale and sprouts). Add in cooked Italian sausage and shaved or shredded cheese then toss with the vinaigrette. This can sit like this for a couple of days and tenderizes the raw veggies as it does. If you’re feeling extra fancy, top with a poached egg.

*I am not a chef, which is why there are not really any measurements. But hopefully you get the gist ?

Printing Gold

One thing is for sure: the popularity of metallics isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I get asked to create designs in gold all the time, and unfortunately this lovely metallic (and its other shimmery friends copper, silver and BlueHost??? rose gold) can be tricky and expensive to print. I’m here with the different options for printing gold and some ideas on how to incorporate a little shine into your wedding invitations or other designs without breaking the bank.

Foil Stamping: When you’re poking around Pinterest and find a gold wedding invitation that you love, chances are it was printed using foil stamping. This is a pricy printing method that uses a copper plate and a sheet of foil to essentially stamp your design on the paper. The materials are expensive and the process is labor intensive, which is what gives it its price tag. But this is the best method if you have your heart set on shiny metallic gold.

Letterpress: It is possible to letterpress in gold. There is a metallic ink that can be used, though the results aren’t super shiny and tend to be a little on the darker side.

Screen Printing: While the results aren’t as shiny as foil stamping, screen printing can achieve a really lovely shimmery gold color. This printing process is still quite labor intensive, but not nearly as expensive as foil stamping. This is a great solution when you’re looking for a larger gold piece, such as this ketubah I designed.

Stamping or Heat Embossing: Stamping and/or heat embossing is a great way to incorporate some gold accents in to your paper goods. For this method, a custom rubber stamp is created with your design. Then, you can either use gold ink for a subtle shimmer or add embossing powder for extra shine. This is a fun DIY and great for details like a monogram on top of a menu.

Heat Transfer Foil: This is the method I use to create my gold foil prints and is your closest look to foil stamping. This is done by printing a design with a laser printer and running the design and a sheet of foil through a laminator to create a bond. You get a great shiny look, though each print isn’t perfect and creates a cool vintage texture. This is perfect for one-off designs like signage as long as you don’t mind a little texture to your metallic.

Flat Printing: This method is ideal for the budget-conscious bride or for smaller wedding details. This is basic digital printing that prints ink flat on the paper. While with this method there will be no shimmer or shine, you’ll evoke the look of gold using a golden color (and save a pretty penny on your printing!)

Other Gold Details: Don’t forget, there are other ways to bring gold in to your suite! Address the envelopes with a gold gelly roll pen, line the envelopes with a shimmery gold paper, use gold ribbon to tie the suite together or even add a gold charm. It is the small details that really bring your paper goods to life!

What Pieces Go Into an Invitation Suite

One of the first questions I ask my new clients is what pieces they need for their suite. That question is often answered with a question: what pieces normally go in to an invitation suite? Every suite is different, but I’m here to share what you’ll typically need for your invitation Green Goblin strain.

1. The invitation, of course! This is the main piece of the suite and this will include your names, the hosts names (if you’re including that), the date, the time and the location.

2. The RSVP card: This can be done in many formats: a small card that goes in an envelope and is mailed back to you, a postcard or a small card that prompts guests to go to your website. This is your spot to include any information you want to get back, not just if they are coming. Use this to get guests’ meal choice, if they are riding the shuttle, what song they want to hear at the reception or any other information you want or need.

3. A Details/Particulars card: Again, this can take on many, many formats. Traditionally, you may have a small enclosure that writes out information regarding accommodations, directions, attire, etc. More and more, with couples creating spectacular wedding websites, invitation suites are simply directing guests to their websites for all the pertinent information. People often ask me which I recommend and I think it comes down to your guests. If you have a lot of older guests who are less inclined to get their information online, then a details card is a nice thing to include. If you guests are mostly younger, a small website card is usually efficient (and can save you a little bit on printing costs). I love incorporating the website card into a cute tag or belly band for a little extra punch to the invitation suite.

4. The extras: The above three elements are really all you need, but you can of course add other pieces as well! Maybe include a separate invitation to your welcome dinner or after party or include a beautifully illustrated map to show your guests the area. Or how about something unique to tie in your wedding theme? Once they have all the information they *need*, you can have fun adding some great extra details to the suite.

Happy Holidays! Printable Gift Tags


Wrapping presents may be my favorite part of the holidays. A big box is such a blank canvas to do something fun and your friends and family are perfect people to try some new ideas or designs on. I also really love gift wrap because I owe the start of my business to it. Two Christmases ago, after I spent way too many hours making gift wrap and tags for my family, my sister-in-law said “you could do this for a profession!” luxury bus rental with driver bordeaux I think that was the first time I realized she might be right!

You certainly don’t have to design your own gift wrap to make it beautiful. There are so many stunning papers and ribbons out there! To give your gift that final touch, I have 9 printable gift tags for you! I’ve created a calligraphy set and watercolor set to chose from, with cheerful and fun messages.

printable gift tags from Bright Room Studio

All you have to do is download the PDF and print these out on any paper of your choice. It would be easiest to trim them down with a straight edge, but scissors will also do the trick. Just cut slightly inside the light grey line.

Calligraphy | Watercolor

*The Watercolor file is a bit on the large size so my apologies for slow downloads. Because of this, it may also display strangely, but should print correctly!*

Happy gift wrapping!

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